So as we are currently in who knows how many weeks of staying at home and you may be going a little stir crazy. I know I am. So in order to combat the craziness that we see, hear and feel maybe we should do something that others may see as crazy and Play. Now I know that we can’t get a big group of friends together for game night but there are still several things you can do to get your play going with your family or even by yourself.
Just Move – Maybe you want to brush up on your dance skills, bend yourself like a pretzel with some sweet yoga moves or see if you can still Rollerblade like its 1995. Whatever it is just get out there and move. It will help boost your energy, lower stress and best of all put a smile on your face.
Make Something – It can be anything. You could build your Lego dream house, make masks for friends and family or build a fort. The possibilities are endless. Personally we are becoming master baguette bakers over here and the best part is that I get to eat our creations.
Get Dirty – It was fun when we were kids so why not spend some time playing in the dirt while planting some tasty veggies or flowers or you could start digging your bunker. Whatever floats your boat. 
Create an Experience – I have a friend that turned his backyard into a campsite for the family to get a little escape from the house. S’mores Yum! Think about what you love doing or where you love going and build your own version of it.
Learn – Maybe you want to learn to play the Ukulele like me. (I’ve been trying for years) or how to tell the differences between different wines, beers or spirits. You can even get it delivered now so no driving needed and after a few samples you will probably be even more playful or maybe just tired. (This is also a fun one you could do with friends via Team, Zoom, etc.) Now is the perfect time to learn something fun that you’ve been putting off. Just make sure not to take it to seriously and keep it playful.
Hope this helps and if you have any suggestions shot them our way and we’ll share them next time.
New Games & Activities for Live Events – With all this time to think we’ve come up with some really cool new things we can’t wait to share with you at your event.
Virtual Team Building – We are creating a couple virtual team building events of our own as well as working with some top notch partners to bring you even more. 
Stay Safe and remember to play!
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